• Jivamukti incorporates traditional yoga practices into a modern lifestyle without forgetting the ancient, universal goal of liberation. The Jivamukti Method is an integrated practice based on five tenants : AHIMSA (non-violence, non-aggression ) BHAKTI (devotion) DHYANA (meditation) NADA (listening/developing inner sound perception) SHASTRA (study of the scriptures). These five elements are always integrated in a Jivamukti open class.

    “The Jivamukti yoga school is a New York based institution founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life whose project was to base their yoga classes on the ancient scriptures, fusing the modern eclectic lifestyle (both of them coming from the artistic scene in the NY in the 80’s) of a New Yorker with the ancient teachings pillars of the yoga philosophy.

My vision

  • I am hoping and willing to share all that I have discovered about this magic tool for enlightenment …with all those who are interested.

    Yoga is an amazing experience that can open unexpected perspectives in front of our eyes. All we need to do is let go, breath in , breath out…connect with the present moment and allow the practice to do its magic.


I am based in Barcelona since 2015, where I teach daily in different studios, corporate classes and individual lessons. Most of my workshops, master classes and retreats take place in the Barcelona area but I also travel internationally.


Check here for information on upcoming workshops, teacher trainings, master classes, special events and retreats.

Vivi Devi Dasi Yoga Teacher
  • Ema is an open channel of energy that allows the teachings of yoga to pass through her and into me, helping me connect on a deeper level with the Divine nature of my being. The ``Dharma Talks`` that she offers at the beginning of each class are jewels of yogic wisdom that act as an elixir for my heart. The physical practice of asanas she proposes strengthens the body and facilitates flexibility in a fluid and fun way. A class with Ema is a journey of self-knowledge and exploration in the company of a great teacher.
    Each time I practice with her, I experience a profound feeling of openness, peace and expansion, as well as deepening perception of the vitality and resilience of my physical being. I thank the universe for the opportunity to take her classes.
    Vivi Devi Dasi Yoga Teacher



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