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Meeting ID: 889 320 5295

Passcode:  8GU6Cg



Meeting ID: 889 320 5295
Passcode:  8GU6Cg

19.00h YOGAONE SABADELL (una vez al mes)


12.00h SATURDAY PRACTICE WITH EMA  (Frente al Hotel W hasta QUE SE PUEDA  o en SIRA10 en carrer de Verdi 85) RESERVAR CON EMA 
Opción de asistencia ONLINE a la clase
Meeting ID: 889 320 5295
Passcode:  8GU6Cg
Opción de asistencia ONLINE a la clase
Meeting ID: 889 320 5295
Passcode:  8GU6Cg


My classes

The class includes the chanting of OM and basic simple Mantras Sutra or Shlokas from the Ancient Scriptures, their translation in English (or Spanish)and explanation (Dharma talk), Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) a sequence of asanas (Postures) in a flowing form (Vinyasa) , Meditation and Shavasana (Final Relaxation).

Sometimes the classes are inspired by particular event that happened to me, an encounter, a sentence from a book, a film… a conversation. Every single thing is a teaching if we are open and available to listen.

¿Como son mis clases?

My classes are made of vigorous sequences moving from simpler to more challenging poses like arm-balances and transitions, the atmosphere is lively and joyful.

My playlists are inspiring, invigorating and soothing at the same time, in order to enhance and uplift the experience. Music choice varies from classical to rock, hindu, folk..reggae…whatever fits the mood and focus of the class.

Music is my passion since forever, I believe that it can lead us directly to the divine abiding within ourselves and around us.


Vale Kadletz

Las clases de Ema han cambiado mi visión sobre la práctica del yoga por completo. Su calidad humana y profesional son realmente excelentes. He encontrado en sus clases un lugar donde realmente aprendí a conectar mente y cuerpo. Me llevo una práctica de yoga que aplico dentro y fuera de la sala también.

Susanne Mecklenburg

I recently went to a yoga weekend with Ema and came back totally energised and with a big smile on my face. Her way of teaching a combination of spiritual work, yoga scripture, chant and asana is a real revelation and very nourishing on many levels. Most of all - it is complete as an approach to Yoga! Combined with her joyful way of teaching it was a real pleasure to attend her course.

Marie Malzieu

Ema es una profesora de yoga estupenda y una persona con un gran corazón. Ha sabido encontrar el equilibrio perfecto entre una práctica dinámica exigente y una dimensión espiritual que da para pensar y que te hace crecer como persona. Una vez conoces sus clases, te será difícil ir a otras. Siempre acabo la práctica con dos sonrisas, la del rostro y la del alma. Gracias Ema!
Ema is a wonderful yoga teacher and a person with a big heart. She has found the perfect balance between a dynamic practice and a spiritual dimension which inspires self inquiry and self evolution. Once you try her classes it will be difficult to change! I always end the practice with two smiles: one on my face and the other one in my soul. Thanks Ema!

Jaume Via

Ema transmite espontaneidad, empeño y pasión. Normalmente empieza la clase con una introducción motivacional. La práctica acostumbra a ser de una cierta intensidad física y acompañada con música de estilos muy diferentes pero que siempre parece que es la adecuada. Valoro la dedicación en la corrección de posturas. Al final de la práctica siempre me siento más relajado y positivo. Muy recomendable.
Ema transmits spontaneity, commitment and passion. Generally the class begins with a motivational introduction. The practice is pretty intense and is always accompanied by music of very different styles and rhythm which always seems just the right one.
I highly regard her dedicated adjustments in the posture.
By the end of the practice I always feel more relaxed and positive.
Highly recommendable.


Il tuo sorriso che mi guida in questo percorso di iniziazione allo yoga... In poche ore di lezione mi hai già trasmesso tantissimo ?
Her smile guides me in my initiation to yoga… In few hours she already transmitted me so much!

Paola Santini

Founder Gayatri Yoga Studio

Ho incontrato Ema nel 2012, in un periodo in cui ero alla ricerca dello “yoga”, e poi mi sono imbattuta e travolta in lei. Nel suo stile, nella sua personalità, nella sua competenza, nella sua fantastica energia. Facendomi non solo capire cosa sia lo yoga, ma facendomelo sperimentare sul mat e nella vita. Ema è per me maestra, amica ed insegnante, perfetto e chiaro esempio di coerenza e determinazione, fiducia e confidenza. La sua personalità così ricca, si riversa sempre nelle sue classi e nei suoi insegnamenti, guidando i suoi allevi con e verso l’entusiasmo, la gioia e la liberazione!
I met Ema in 2012, when began looking for “yoga”, and then I’m litteraly invaded after stumbling into her! By her style, personality, competence, by her super energy! She has shown me just what yoga is, and she’s helping me experiment it on the mat and in the life! Ema is for me teacher and friend, perfect and clear example of consistency and determination, trust and confidence. You can feel her rich personality in her class and teachings, leading her students with and toward enthusiasm, joy and freedom.

Maria Barquet

Las clases de Ema son cada día una sorpresa, siempre me da lo que necesito, si estoy energética me da clases muy power, si estoy cansada más flow. Cada sesión es diferente, inspiradora y acompañada de una selección de música excelente.
Al inicio, Ema nos habla sobre el yoga como modo de vida, de manera que aprendo algo nuevo en cada clase.
Después de la hora y media me voy con la sensación de haber alimentado mi cuerpo física y espiritualmente.
Para mí es la mejor profesora que he tenido de yoga.
Ema’s classes are a constant surprise, she always gives me what I need, if I am full of energy her class is dynamic and energized, when I am tired the flow feels softer. Each session is different, inspiring and enhanced by an excellent music selection.
At the beginning of class Ema talks about how yoga is a way of living and in each class I learn something new. After an hour and a half in her class I Ieave with the feeling of having nourished both my body and soul.
For me she is the best yoga teacher I had so far.

Irina Grevtsova

Yoga is a centuries-old wise mental/physical practice that requires a teacher or a guide who will help to decrypt its wisdom. Ema has become this teacher for me.
Gradually, step by step, her classes introduced and revealed the different aspects of the world of yoga. Ema is an excellent teacher, whose humanity and patience help to find strength and overcome limitations.
I'm especially grateful to her for a guidance that she gave me about how to practice the asana wheel. This experience helped me to find the way of faith in myself and in my own strength.

Esther López

CEO at Loag Studio

Lo que más admiro de Ema es su entrega altruista, su energía positiva y el amor que pone a la hora de transmitir sus enseñanzas.

En sus clases, Ema es capaz de llevarte a entender la practica de yoga como un estilo de vida.

Disfruto mucho de su practica, ya que es muy dinámica y busca siempre el reto a nivel físico, al mismo tiempo que te invita a reflexionar y cuestionarte a través de útiles mensajes filosóficos. Sus clases son muy equilibradas.
Ema me acompaña en mi camino de auto-descubrimiento y crecimiento a través del Yoga. Puedo sentir en ella una profunda fuerza interior. Es una gran maestra!
What I love the most about Ema is her generous surrender, her positive energy and the love she puts into her `{`N.B: they are my teacher’s teachings ☺ `}` teachings. In her class Ema makes you perceive the practice of Yoga as a life style.
I enjoy much her practice cause it’s dynamic and challenges you on the physical level, while inviting you to reflect and to self inquire through useful philosophical messages. Her classes are very balanced.
Ema accompanies me on my path towards self-discovery and evolution through the practice of Yoga.
I can feel in her a great inner strength. She’s a very good teacher.

Rafael Laraña Cobo

Functionary - Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social.
Profesor asociated de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Ema es una profesora extraordinaria. Una explosión de entusiasmo que te abre las puertas del yoga a través de la filosofía, las asanas, la respiración, la meditación… Implicada y generosa: lo da todo. En sus clases siempre aprendes, siempre hay retos, siempre disfrutas.
Ema is an extraordinary teacher: An explosion of enthusiasm that opens the doors of Yoga through philosophy, asana, breathing and meditation.
Committed and generous: she gives it all. In her classes you always learn, always challenge yourself, you always enjoy.”


HR Director Central Europe, International Entertainment Company and fully embracing what she is doing.

Whenever I travel to Barcelona, one thing is a fixed date in my agenda: Join a Yoga class led by Ema! Why? Ema embodies not only the perfect technical skills of a very advanced and experienced Yoga teacher in terms of alignment and understanding of the human body, but she even more inspires every single student with so much energy and positives vibes, that after a physically demanding class, you leave full of energy. You can really feel Ema´s love for Yoga and her students in the way you flow through a class with her. It is that kind of magic that you feel from a person which is 100% authentic

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